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Specific ways QBS Custom Homes Inc. provides great value:

1.  As one of the most highly sought after new home builders in Montgomery County. QBS Custom Homes Inc. secures volume discounts on quality building materials.

2.  QBS Custom Homes Inc. maintains a strict building schedule to minimize costly delays.

3.  QBS Custom Homes Inc. homes are built in excellent deed-restricted communities and on your lot Rural or City.

4.  All QBS Custom Homes Inc. homes exceed established energy efficiency standards.

5. QBS Custom Homes Inc.’s homes are built according to meet or exceed code and are inspected by a licensed code inspector throughout the build.

6.   QBS Custom Homes Inc. makes it more affordable for you to upgrade the features of your home. 

7.  QBS Custom Homes Inc.:  11+ years of home building experience + Financial Stability = Montgomery County locally owned home builder.

QBS Custom Homes Inc. is ready to make your dream home a reality!

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